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Clinical Research in Practice: The Journal of Team Hippocrates (Open Access Journals)

About Clinical Research in Practice: The Journal of Team Hippocrates

An open access, peer reviewed journal dedicated to the scholarship of clinical decision science. Clinical decision science explores how the complex interacting aspects of clinical care are described, understood, shared, and explained. We define clinical decision sciences as a holistic examination of how clinical decisions are made. This includes both biomedical and medical social sciences, in addition to other ways of understanding human experience.

See the Aims and Scope for the complete coverage of the journal.

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Clinical Sociology Review (Open Access Journals)

About Clinical Sociology Review

Clinical Sociology Review was published annually beginning in 1982 until its final volume in 1998, under the auspices of first the Clinical Sociology Association and subsequently the Sociological Practice Association. It generally sought to publish material "concerned with the clinical uses of sociological theory, findings or methods or which demonstrate how clinical practice at the individual, small group, large organization or social system level contributes to the development of theory."

Read more about the history and scope of CSR...

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Elephant (Open Access Journals)

Elephant, the official scholarly organ of the Elephant Interest Group (EIG), was published at intervals between July 1977 and 2000. The group later changed their name to Elephant Research Foundation (ERF). Jeheskel (Hezy) Shoshani was the sole editor for the majority of its run. Originally Elephant was published by Wayne State University Biology Department; for the final issue EIG was incorporated into ERF, and ERF took over publication.

Read more about the history of this journal.

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Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods (Open Access Journals)


Following the death of founding editor Dr. Shlomo Sawilowsky, JMASM is currently in editorial hiatus. No new submissions are being accepted, and the publishing team is attempting to resolve outstanding submissions accepted before Dr. Sawilowsky's passing.

The Journal of Modern Applied Statistical Methods is an independent, peer-reviewed, open access journal designed to provide an outlet for the scholarly works of applied nonparametric or parametric statisticians, data analysts, researchers, classical or modern psychometricians, and quantitative or qualitative methodologists/evaluators.

See About JMASM to learn more about the Journal.

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Journal of Transportation Management (Open Access Journals)

The Journal of Transportation Management, published by Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Fraternity and the Wayne State University Libraries, is/was a scholarly journal for managerial and policy articles relevant to academics, policymakers, and practitioners in the transportation, logistics and supply chain fields. It ceased publication with issue 30.1, Summer/Fall 2020.

See the Journal Information for a complete coverage of the journal.

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Library Publishing Curriculum (Open Access Journals)

Welcome to the Library Publishing Curriculum! This site contains the initial publication of the Curriculum, produced by Educopia, as well as supplemental materials that have been produced from the original CC-BY curriculum. Click on the Instructor's Guide for each Unit to access the Narrative, Slides, and Supplemental Materials for each.

The original four curriculum modules are included in Volume 1, and the subsequent workshop and textbook versions of the curriculum that were produced will be added as well. As new editions or revisions are produced, they will be housed in subsequent volumes. For questions or comments about the Library Publishing Curriculum, please contact its Editor-in-Chief, Cheryl E. Ball.

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Michigan Journal of Counseling: Research, Theory and Practice (Open Access Journals)

Welcome to the Michigan Journal of Counseling: Research, Theory and Practice. Our mission in publishing the Journal is to enhance mental health and wellness by providing counseling students, counselors, supervisors, and counselor educators with open access to timely, relevant, peer-reviewed research and theory to support their ongoing development.

See our Aims and Scope for additional information and author guidelines.

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New Science (Open Access Journals)

New Science is an annual publication of the Office of the Vice President for Research

at Wayne State University. Each issue highlights the new and exciting work that is happening at Wayne State University, spanning many areas, including the scholarship of the arts and humanities.

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Sociological Practice (Open Access Journals)

About Sociological Practice

The Sociological Practice Association, already publishing Clinical Sociology Review, assumed responsibility for Sociological Practice in 1989 with Volume VII. The journal's aim was to "thoroughly cover selected topics in applied and clinical sociology."

Read more about the history and scope of the journal…

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The Information Warrior Journal (Open Access Journals)

The Information Warrior Journal

The Information Warrior Journal wants YOU to submit your papers!

Students who are currently enrolled in the Wayne State University School of Information Sciences or are recent alumni (within two years of graduation, exceptions are up to the editorial board) are encouraged to submit research articles, case studies, and literature reviews to The Information Warrior Journal. Submissions should address significant issues facing today’s library, archival, and information professionals.

Submission Requirements:

  • You must have a faculty member recommend your paper for submission; you will be asked to include their name on the submission form.
  • 5-20 pages (not including references and/or appendices; exceptions for papers exceeding the page count will be made on a case-by-case basis).
  • APA format
  • Must include an abstract
  • Must agree to peer review at least one other submission if accepted to the journal (please indicate if you are willing to peer review more than one)
  • At least one author must be enrolled in SIS to submit to this journal or have graduated from SIS in the last two years. Submissions from outside the discipline will not be considered.
  • Please submit your paper as a .doc or .docx via our Digital Commons site:
  • You must create a free account on Digital Commons to submit
  • Submission deadline for first edition: May 20, 2022

Once a paper is submitted, if it follows all the guidelines above, it will be moved to a student scholarship series pending editorial board approval. Once in the student scholarship series, the paper will be viewable in Wayne State’s Digital Commons under a CC-BY-4.0 license, but not yet published in the journal. After the initial submission, the editorial board will either accept or deny a paper; once accepted, the paper moves to peer review and will be assigned to at least two peer reviewers. Reviewers will have 6 weeks to review and return their edits to authors. After peer review, authors will receive one of the following decisions from the editorial board along with their peer review critiques: minor revisions required, or major revisions required. Authors will have 6 weeks to revise and resubmit to the editorial board for a final review and publication decision. The first edition of The Information Warrior Journal will be published Summer or Fall of 2022, depending on the number of submissions.

Accepted authors must peer review at least one other article; they will be contacted by the editorial board and assigned an article that fits with their interests as disclosed in the submission form.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

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The Woodward Review: A Creative and Critical Journal (Open Access Journals)

Woodward Review is a new journal edited by graduate students at Wayne State University, trying to collapse the distance between creative, critical, and "academic" writing by highlighting the conversations between them as codependent modes of responding to and moving through the world.

Woodward Review seeks poetry, prose, art, hybrid and digital media, and the conversations these different forms can inspire. The Review is built on the mutual exchange between creative work and its reception. Whether your response is personal, critical, or creative, collisions with art are never passive.

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