About This Journal

The Sociological Practice Association, already publishing Clinical Sociology Review, assumed responsibility for Sociological Practice in 1989 with Volume VII, published in partnership with the Michigan State University Press. The journal had seen six volumes since its founding in 1976.

Volume VII asserted that "Sociological Practice is intended to be a basic resource for practitioners, faculty, graduate students and upper-level undergraduate students who are in the social sciences. It also is designed to be of interest to those in other fields who now use or are considering the use of social science applications.

Sociological Practice publishes articles, essays, and research reports about the clinical and applied uses of sociological theory, findings or methods. Our aim is to thoroughly cover selected topics in applied and clinical sociology. Abstracts of all articles appear in Sociological Abstracts. Each volume of Sociological Practice addresses one theme."

The Sociological Practice Association ultimately merged with another professional association to form the Society for Allied and Clinical Sociology. The journal finds its online home here at the Wayne State University Libraries through the generosity and tenacity of Dr. Mary Cay Sengstock in the Department of Sociology, Wayne State University, and with the permission of former Association presidents Ross Koppel (University of Pennsylvania) and Jan Marie Fritz (University of Cincinnati).