Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research

Volume 1 (2024)

Letter From the Editors

Every semester at Wayne State University, in the heart of Detroit, Michigan, student writers get to work. They fill pages with written notes, tap and click the keys of laptops, sketch nascent outlines on whiteboards, and piece together works cited lists from scraps of research briskly collected. Sparks of intellectual brilliance shimmer across countless pages of hasty first drafts, polished essays, intricate histories, literature reviews, research proposals, and more. So, to capture just a small fraction of the uniquely diverse and luminous spirit of student writing at Wayne State, the Rushton Journal of Undergraduate Humanities Research was created. In addition to showcasing Wayne State writers, the Rushton Journal also serves as a platform for student editors—our motto, to put it simply, is students publishing students. During the Fall 2023 semester, twenty-one WSU students in ENGL 5695, the editors of this issue, inaugurated the Rushton Journal. From journal policies, publication ethics, and author agreements to editorial review, typesetting, graphic design, and more, we have put into practical action the knowledge and information we learned over the course of the semester. In our efforts, we hope to have produced a compelling undergraduate publication that features diverse, earnest, and vital perspectives from student voices at Wayne State.

2023-24 Editorial Board

Student Editors

  • Meredith Abramczyk
  • Jakira Ahmed
  • Madeline Beck
  • Eva Chahrour
  • Marena Herron
  • Kyra Horton
  • Dan Janks
  • Ashley Joranstad
  • Ariel Joslin
  • Emma Kroll
  • Nicholas Loewengruber
  • Michael Maniaci
  • Alexandria Nichter
  • Kalani Olatunji
  • Marianne Samano
  • Jimmy Showers
  • Sterling Squair
  • Polly Talison
  • Jonathon Thompson
  • Katie Wensink
  • Amanda Ziolkowski

Faculty Advisor

  • Joe Torok

Rushton Advisory Committee

  • Natalie Bakopoulos
  • Jonathan Flatley
  • Jaime Goodrich
  • renée c. hoogland
  • Adrienne Jankens
  • Chera Kee
  • ML Liebler
  • Lisa Maruca
  • Royanne Smith
  • Joe Torok
  • Lisa Ze Winters

Acknowledgements & Special Thanks

  • Joshua Neds-Fox and the Wayne State University Library
  • Edmund and Norma Rushton Endowment for American Studies
  • Janice Rushton Harvey, Randy Harvey, and the entire Rushton family