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Day Late, Dollar Short: The Next Generation and the New Academy (Ed. Peter C. Herman) (Reviewed by Jerry Herron, Wayne State University)

Jewish Enlightenment in an English Key: Anglo-Jewry’s Construction of Modern Jewish Thought (David B. Ruderman) (Reviewed by Michael Scrivener, Wayne State University)

Beckett and Poststructuralism (Anthony Uhlmann) (Reviewed by Thomas J. Cousineau, Washington College)

The Hieroglyph of Tradition, Freud, Benjamin, Gadamer, Novalis, Kant (Angelika Rauch) (Reviewed by Agne`s Conacher, Queen’s University)

Shakespeare and the Bible (Steven Marx) (Reviewed by Harmonie Loberg, University of South Florida)

Shakespeare Jungle Fever: National-Imperial Re-Visions of Race, Rape, and Sacrifice (Arthur L. Little, Jr) (Reviewed by Peter Erickson, Clark Art Institute)

A Geography of Victorian Gothic Fiction: Mapping History’s Nightmares (Robert Mighall) (Reviewed by Susan Lynne Beckwith, Wayne State University)

The Erotic Whitman (Vivian R. Pollak) (Reviewed by Daneen Wardrop, Western Michigan University)