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Umiumi Uliuli


Hawaiian-language newspapers ran from 1834 to 1948, producing more than one hundred thousand newspaper pages. These newspapers constitute a largely untapped resource detailing Hawaiian thought on subjects ranging from international and local events to cultural preservation. A good deal of the news and stories that appeared in the papers were translated from European languages. “Umiumi Uliuli,” a translation of an English chapbook version of “Bluebeard,” appeared on June 14, 1862, in the newspaper Ka Nupepa Kuokoa. “Umiumi Uliuli”—signed only by the initials J. W.—was the tenth in a series of at least sixteen fairy tales, which included “The Twelve Brothers,” “Cinderella,” “Iron Hans,” “Snow White,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Blue Bird,” “Puss in Boots,” and “Bluebeard.”