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How can libraries push resource and service information to students in engaging ways? Influenced by social media personality quizzes, we designed a questionnaire-style app that uses learning preferences and personality traits to connect students with the library resources they need most. This LOEX 2022 session will demonstrate how libraries can use innovative approaches with their existing resources to draw students in. We will use our Research Personality Quiz as a starting point to discuss design approaches for similar projects and explore the technical challenges that may be encountered (and overcome) in creating and launching similar types of quiz apps.

Participants will:

  1. Learn about personality research and how it can provide a different approach to defining user groups and needs.
  2. Be able to apply an approach to align their library's existing resources and services to student personality traits.
  3. Understand how academic libraries can use existing technology to push content more proactively to students.


Library and Information Science


Presented May 7th at LOEX 2022: We Can Do It! Retooling Library Instruction for Today's Learning Environments, Ypsilanti, MI, May 5-7, 2022.