Date of Award

Winter 4-28-2020

Thesis Access

Open Access Honors Thesis

Degree Name



Kinesiology and Pedagogy

Faculty Advisor

Mario Vassallo


In my university honors research paper, I will not only take a look at the physiological and psychological effects of the body, but also the proper range of caffeine intake, the situational purposes for caffeine, the best and worst ways to introduce caffeine into the body, and popular beverages that are commonly used for caffeine consumption. This research paper draws upon a variety of studies in which caffeine was the topic of interest. The conclusion that is drawn upon is that caffeine can have many benefits if used in a proper dosage. Negative effects have a higher likelihood of occurring when recommended dosages are not taken into consideration. Coffee will be highlighted and used as a key determinant in a variety of the discussions of this research paper as it is one of the most abundant ways caffeine is consumed.

The purpose of this research paper is to highlight and shed light on a substance that is very popular and heavily used across the world. This area of research appealed to me not only as a kinesiology major as well as an aspiring future physician’s assistant, but also as a person who believes that both physical and mental health are one of the most important characteristics an individual can possess. I plan to expand my growth on the knowledge of this subject as much as the ongoing research that is still being conducted and discovered. This research paper has been a great tool for me to learn how to properly conduct and analyze research articles.