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Fall 12-12-2017

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Open Access Honors Thesis

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Honors College Thesis

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Biological Sciences

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Dr. Margaret Jordan


Dentistry in the United States is a field that grows and expands based on the needs of its consumers. This paper aims to highlight this very versatility through the analysis of specific demographics of dental practitioners, consumers, and the changes in technology that are predicted for the future of dentistry. With the rise of Generation X and the Millennial Generation, dentistry will undergo many changes alongside the rise of technology throughout the recent years. More evidently, the population is undergoing a very seismic shift in the way they view themselves. Because people are harboring more of an individualistic mindset, the field as consumers of dental care knew it is changing due to the consumer first conventionality. Moreover, because of this phenomenon Millennials are changing their dentists annually or semi-annually due to cost-effectiveness and location instead of staying with their family dentist of many years. The demographic of dental practitioners is changing in terms of mentality as well. In conjunction with the rise of technology, newer procedures are being implemented by these dentists through introduction and incorporation of telehealth in their very own clinics. This paper showcases instances in which teledentistry is already being implemented around the world and what this can do to broaden the scope of dental health to reach areas of need. With the incorporation of teledentistry, the problem of children who have never been to the dentist can be eliminated. As demographics, ideologies, and paradigms shift, so do the application and implementation of dental procedures. With the emergence of a generation that has grown alongside the rise of the Internet, skills are being crafted and developments are being made to centralize the concept of the consumer in dental care. Hopefully this change in dentistry can help pave a better future for people in need.

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