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Book Review


La Formation de la pensée de Coleridge (1772-1804) (Paul Deschamps) (Reviewed by G. N. G. Orsini, University of Wisconsin)

Coleridge and the Idea of the Modern State (David P. Calleo) (Reviewed by John Colmer, University of Adelaide)

Imaginative Reason: The Poetry of Matthew Arnold (A. Dwight Culler) (Reviewed by Allan Danzig, The City College of New York)

The World of Marcel Proust (Germaine Brée) (Reviewed by Victor Brombert, Yale University)

Yeats At Work (Curtis B. Bradford) (Reviewed by Gertrude M. White, Oakland University)

Northrop Frye in Modern Criticism: Selected Papers from the English Institute (Murray Krieger.) (Reviewed by Andrew Von Hendy, Boston College)