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Book Reviews

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Book Review


The Rise and Fall of English: Reconstructing English as a Discipline (Robert Scholes) (Reviewed by Jerry Herron, Wayne State University)

Common Ground: Eighteenth-Century Satiric Fiction and the Poor (Judith Frank) (Reviewed by Gary Harrison, University of New Mexico)

Strange Fits of Passion: Epistemologies of Emotion, Hume to Austen (Adela Pinch) (Reviewed by Andrew M. Stauffer, California State University, Los Angeles)

Consuming Subjects: Women, Shopping, and Business in the Eighteenth Century (Elizabeth Kowaleski-Wallace) (Reviewed by Charlotte Sussman, University of Colorado)

Romanticism, Race, and Imperial Culture, 1780-1834 (Ed. Alan Richardson and Sonia Hofkosh) (Reviewed by Leon Litvack, The Queen's University of Belfast)

The Politics of Motherhood: British Writing and Culture, 1680-1760 (Toni Bowers) (Reviewed by Barbara Dickson, Wayne State University)

Andy Warhol, Poetry, and Gossip in the 1960s (Reva Wolf) (Reviewed by Libbie Rifkin, University of Alabama)