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Book Review


The Singer of Tales (Albert B. Lord) (Reviewed by Walter J. Ong, S. J., Saint Louis University)

Music as Metaphor (Donald N. Ferguson) (Reviewed by Charles T. Harrison, The University of the South)

Henry Green: Nine Novels and an Unpacked Bag (John Russell)
A Reading of Henry Green (A. Kingsley Weatherhead)
(Reviewed by Harry T. Moore, Southern Illinois University)

The Tragic Vision: Variations on a Theme in Literary Interpretation (Murray Krieger) (Reviewed by Peter Swiggart, University of Texas)

Colette (Elaine Marks) (Reviewed by David Hayman, University of Texas)

The Continental Model: Selected French Critical Essays of the Seventeenth Century, in English Translation (ed. Scott Elledge and Donald Schier)
Eighteenth-Century Critical Essays (ed. Scott Elledge)
(Reviewed by Emerson R. Marks, Wayne State University)