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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Open Fields: Science in Cultural Encounter (Gillian Beer) (Reviewed by Stuart Peterfreund)

Utopian Imagination and Eighteenth-Century Fiction (Christine Rees) (Reviewed by John Allen Stevenson)

The Female Thermometer: Eighteenth-Century Culture and the Invention of the Uncanny (Terry Castle) (Reviewed by Scott J. Juengel)

Blake: A Biography (Peter Ackroyd) (Reviewed by Stephen C. Behrendt)

Wordsworth and the Question of "Romantic Religion" (Nancy Easterlin) (Reviewed by David P. Haney)

The Jews & Germany: From the 'Judeo German Symbiosis' to the Memory of Auschwitz (Enzo Traverso) (Reviewed by Richard Critchfield)

Black Women, Writing and Identity: Migrations of the Subject (Carole Boyce) (Reviewed by Cheryl A. Wall)

A Gulf So Deeply Cut: American Women Poets and the Second World War (Susan Schweik) (Reviewed by Laurie C. Alkidas)