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Book Review


Making A Social Body: British Culture Formation, 1830-1864 (Mary Poovey)
The Ruling Passion: British Colonial Allegory and the Paradox of Homosexual Desire (Christopher Lane) (Reviewed by John R. Reed)

Walking the Victorian Streets: Women, Representation, and the City (Deborah Epstein Nord)
Sexing the Mind: Nineteenth-Century Fictions of Hysteria (Evelyne Ender) (Reviewed by John Kucich)

Strange Dislocations: Childhood and the Idea of Human Interiority, 1780-1930 (Carolyn Steedman) (Reviewed by Stephanie A. Smith)

Discrepant Dislocations: Feminism, Theory, and Postcolonial Histories (Mary E. John) (Reviewed by Suchitra Mathur)

Disciplines of Virtue: Girl's Culture in the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries (Lynne Vallone) (Reviewed by Jodi L. Wyett)

Imagining Monsters: Miscreations of the Self in Eighteenth-Century England (Demus Todd) (Reviewed by Carole Fabricant)

Reading North by South: On Latin American Literature, Culture, and Politics (Neil Larsen) (Reviewed by Renata R. M. Wasserman)

Marianne Moore. Questions of Authority (Cristanne Miller) (Reviewed by Lisa Samuels)

Vision and Textuality (Ed. Stephen Melville and Bill Readings) (Reviewed by Nancy Locke)

The Tory View of Landscape (Nigel Everett) (Reviewed by Elizabeth Heckendorn Cook)

Shelley and The Revolution in Taste (Timothy Morton) (Reviewed by Steven Jones)

Rhetorical Traditions and British Romantic Literature (Ed. Don H. Bialostosky and Lawrence D. Needham) (Reviewed by Mark Jones)