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Book Review


Edmund Burke's Aesthetic Ideology: Language, Gender and Political Economy in Revolution (Tom Furniss)
Eighteenth-Century Aesthetics and the Reconstruction of Art (Ed. Paul Mattick, Jr.) (Reviewed by Frances Ferguson)

History, Gender and Eighteenth-Century Literature (Ed. Beth Fowkes Tobin)
Alexander Pope and his Eighteenth-Century Women Readers (Claudia N. Thomas) (Reviewed by Charlotte Sussman)

Dangerous Enthusiasm: William Blake and the Culture of Radicalism in the 1790s (Jon Mee)
Witness Against the Beast: William Blake and the Moral Law (E. P. Thompson) (Reviewed by Michael Scrivener)

Experiencing Narrative Worlds: On the Psychological Activities of Reading (Richard J. Gerrig) (Reviewed by Richard Marback)

Commemorations: The Politics of National Identity (Ed. John R. Gillis) (Reviewed by Charles J. Stivale)

Discovering Difference: Contemporary Essays in American Culture (Ed. Christoph K. Lohmann) (Reviewed by Suzanne E. Smith)

Real and Imagined Women: Gender, Culture and Postcolonialism (Rajeswari Sunder Rajan) (Reviewed by Suchitra Mathur)