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Book Review


The Turning Key: Autobiography and the Subjective Impulse since 1800 (Jerome Hamilton Buckley) (Reviewed by Regenia Gagnier, Stanford University)

Being in the Text: Self-Representation from Wordsworth to Roland Barthes (Paul Jay) (Reviewed by Regenia Gagnier, Stanford University)

Vision and Revision: Coleridge's Art of Immanence (Jean-Pierre Mileur) (Reviewed by Susan J. Wolfson, Rutgers University, New Brunswick)

Style and Consciousness in Middle English Narrative (John M. Ganim) (Reviewed by Donald R. Howard, Stanford University)

Story and Situation: Narrative Seduction and the Power of Fiction (Ross Chambers) (Reviewed by William Beatty Warner, SUNY / Buffalo)

Literature and Insubstantiality in Later Eighteenth-Century England (Fredric V. Bogel) (Reviewed by Robert Markley, Georgia Institute of Technology)

Biographical Truth: The Representation of Historical Persons in Tudor-Stuart Writing (Judith B. Anderson) (Reviewed by G. M. MacLean, Wayne State University)

American Theories of the Novel: 1793-1903 (Sergio Perosa) (Reviewed by John E. Bassett, North Carolina State University)

Virginia Woolf: A Feminist Slant (Jane Marcus) (Reviewed by Mary Childers, Vanderbilt University)