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Book Review


Is There A Text in This Class? (Stanley Fish) (Reviewed by Ronald L. Bogue, University of Georgia)

Writers and Pilgrims: Medieval Pilgrimage Narratives and Their Posterity (Donald R. Howard) (Reviewed by Paul Strohm, Indiana University)

John Webster: Citizen and Dramatist (M. C. Bradbrook) (Reviewed by Leonard Tennenhouse, Wayne State University)

Poet of Exile: A Study of Milton's Poetry (Louis L. Martz) (Reviewed by Annabel M. Patterson, The University of Maryland)

Wordsworth and the Poetry of Human Suffering (James H. Averill) (Reviewed by William Galperin, Oregon State University)

English Romantic Irony (Anne K. Mellor) (Reviewed by Paul A. Cantor, University of Virginia)

A Southern Renaissance: The Cultural Awakening of the American South, 1930-1955 (Richard H. King) (Reviewed by John Fekete, Trent University)