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Book Review


Soviet Semiotics: An Anthology (Daniel P. Lucid) (Reviewed by Gerald Prince, University of Pennsylvania)

The Gothic Visionary Perspective (Barbara Nolan) (Reviewed by Donald R. Howard, Stanford University)

Medieval French Literature and Law (R. Howard Bloch) (Reviewed by Robert Edwards, State University of New York at Buffalo)

Home at Grasnzere (William Wordsworth) (Reviewed by Laurence Goldstein, The University of Michigan)

The Victorian Critic and the Idea of History: Carlyle, Arnold, Pater (Peter Allan Dale) (Reviewed by Clyde de L. Ryals, Duke University)

Charles Churchill (Raymond J. Smith) (Reviewed by Alan Fisher, University of Washington)

The Chronicle of Leopold and Molly Bloom: Ulysses as Narrative (John Henry Raleigh) (Reviewed by Michael Seidel, Columbia University)

Joyce's Ulysses and the Assault upon Character (James H. Maddox) (Reviewed by Michael Seidel, Columbia University)

Joyce's Moraculous Sindbook (Suzette A. Henke) (Reviewed by Michael Seidel, Columbia University)

The Victim as Criminal and Artist: Literature from the American Prison (H. Bruce Franklin) (Reviewed by Michael Scrivner, Wayne State University)

Defamiliarization in Language and Literature (R. H. Stacy) (Reviewed by Nancy Armstrong, Wayne State University)