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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Language, Counter-Memory, Practice: Selected Essays and Interviews (Michel Foucault) (Reviewed by Gerald Prince, University of Pennsylvania)

Letters on Literature and Politics, 1912-1972 (Edmund Wilson) (Reviewed by Tom Samet, Douglas College)

Stylistic and Narrative Structures in the Middle English Romances (Susan Wittig) (Reviewed by Dorothee Metlitzki, Yale University)

The Indvidual in Twelfth-Centttry Romance (Robert W. Hanning) (Reviewed by Dorothee Metlitzki, Yale University)

Samuel Johnson and Poetic Style (William Edinger) (Reviewed by Emerson R. Marks, The University of Massachusetts--Harbor Campus)

Ruins and Empire: The Evolution of a Theme in Augustan and Romantic Literature (Laurence Goldstein) (Reviewed by Robert F. Gleckner, Duke University)

The Literature of Change: Studies in tbe Nineteenth Century Provincial Novel (John Lucas) (Reviewed by Coral Lansbury, Rutgers University)

The Collected Letters of Thomas and Jane Carlyle (Charles Richard Sanders and Kenneth J. Fielding) (Reviewed by Edward Sharples, Wayne State University)

I Too Am Here (Alan and Mary McQueen Simpson) (Reviewed by Edward Sharples, Wayne State University)

Thomas Carlyle: A Bibliography of English-Language Criticism (Rodger L. Tarr) (Reviewed by Edward Sharples, Wayne State University)

Thoreau and the American Indians (Robert F. Sayre) (Reviewed by Fritz Oehlschlaeger, Wayne State University)

Boccaccio's Two Venues (Robert Hollander) (Reviewed by Andrea di Tommaso, Wayne State University)

Shakespeare's Sonnetts (Stephen Booth) (Reviewed by Arthur F. Marotti, Wayne State University)