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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Painting and Reality (Etienne Henry Gilson) (Reviewed by Theodore J. Prichard, University of Idaho)

Stewards of Excellence (A. Alvarez) (Reviewed by Chester H. Cable, Wayne State University)

Camus (Germaine Brée) ((Reviewed by Haskell M. Block, University of Wisconsin)

The Fugitives, A Critical Account (John M. Bradbury)
Fugitives' Reunion, Conversations at Vanderbilt May 3-5, 1956 (ed. Rob Roy Purdy, intro. Louis D. Rubin, Jr.)
(Reviewed by W. K. Wimsatt, Jr., Yale University)

The Critical Writings of James Joyce (ed. Ellsworth Mason and Richard Ellmann)
A James Joyce Miscellany: Second Series (ed. Marvin Magalaner)
The Sympathetic Alien: James Joyce and Catholicism (J. Mitchell Morse)
(Reviewed by Harry Levin, Harvard University)