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Book Review


The Gaping Pig: Literature and Metamorphosis (Irving Massey) (Reviewed by Charles Baxter, Wayne State University)

Process of Speech: Puritan Religious Writing and Paradise Lost (Boyd M. Berry) (Reviewed by William E. Cain, The John Hopkins University)

The Novels of Theodore Dreiser (Donald Pizer) (Reviewed by Linda W. Wagner, Michigan State University)

A Glossary of Faulkner's South (Calvin S. Brown) (Reviewed by Linda W. Wagner, Michigan State University)

Marlowe, Tamburlaine, and Magic (James Robinson Howe) (Reviewed by Wayne Shumaker, University of California, Berkeley)

Folklore and Fakelore: Essays Toward a Discipline of Folk Studies (Richard M. Dorson) (Reviewed by Michael J. Bell, Wayne State University)

Lucan: An Introduction (Frederick M. Ahl) (Reviewed by John F. Makowski, Loyola University of Chicago)

Hawthorne, Melville, and the Novel (Richard H. Brodhead) (Reviewed by John Bassett, Wayne State University)

The Illustrator and the Book in England from 1790 to 1914 (Gordon N. Ray) (Reviewed by John R. Reed, )

The Romantic Will (Michael G. Cooke) (Reviewed by John R. Reed, )