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Book Reviews

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Book Review


Imagination (Mary Warnock) (Reviewed by Lilian R. Furst, University of Texas at Dallas)

Language Truth and Poetry: Notes towards a Philosophy of Literature (Graham Durstan Martin) (Reviewed by Michael McCanles, Marquette University)

Adventure, Mystery, and Romance: Formula Stories as Art and Popular Culture (John G. Cawelti) (Reviewed by Albert D. Hutter, University of California, Los Angeles)

George Crabble's Poetry (Peter New) (Reviewed by R. L. Chamberlain, Grand Valley State College)

The Romantic Sublime: Studies in the Structure and Psychology of Transcendence (Thomas Weiskel) (Reviewed by Daniel Hughes, Wayne State University)

F. O. Matthiessen: The Critical Achievement (Giles Gunn) (Reviewed by Gary Simon, Dane, Wisconsin)

Defoe's Narratives: Situations and Structures (John J. Richetti) (Reviewed by Christopher W. Gay, University of Massachusetts--Boston)

Forms of the Modern Novella (Mary Doyle Springer) (Reviewed by Khachig Tololyan, Wesleyan University)

Occasional Form. Henry Fielding and the Chains of Circumstance (J. Paul Hunter) (Reviewed by C. J. Rawson, University of Warwick)