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Book Review


Donne's "Anniversaries" and the Poetry of Praise: The Creation of a Symbolic Mode (Barbara Kiefer) (Reviewed by Paul A. Parrish, Texas A & M University)

The Young Romantics and Critical Opinion 1807-1824: Poetry of Byron, Shelley, and Keats As Seen by Their Contemporary Critics (Theodore Redpath) (Reviewed by John O. Hayden, University of California, Davis)

Sir Harry Vane: His Life and Times, 1613-1662 (J. H. Adamson and H. F. Folland) (Reviewed by J. W. Williamson, Appalachian State University)

Comic Terror: The Novels of John Hawkes (Donald J. Greiner) (Reviewed by Irving Malin, City College of New York)

Cubism / Futurism (Max Kozloff) (Reviewed by William C. Wess, McGill University)

Animate Illusions: Explorations of Narrative Structure (Harold Toliver) (Reviewed by Eric S. Rabkin, University of Michigan)

Popcorn Venus (Marjorie Rosen) (Reviewed by Marilyn Mitchell, Wayne State University)