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Book Review


Coleridge, The Damaged Archangel (Norman Fruman) (Reviewed by Angus Fletcher, SUNY Buffalo)

The Philosophy of Art (Giovanni Gentile) (Reviewed by Merle E. Brown, University of Iowa)

The "Encyclopedie" (John Lough) (Reviewed by Frank A. Kafker, University of Cincinnati)

A Kingdom for a Stage: The Achievement of Shakespeare's History Plays (Robert Ornstein) (Reviewed by Philip Traci, Wayne State University)

A Variorum Commentary on the Poems of John Milton, Volume Two, The Minor English Poems (A. S. P. Woodhouse and Douglas Bush) (Reviewed by Ralph Nash, Wayne State University)

The Lyrics of Shelley (Judith Chernaik) (Reviewed by Arnold T. Orza, University of Connecticut)