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Book Review


Styles in Fictional Structure: The Art of lane Austen, Charlotte Brome, George Eliot (Karl Kroeber) (Reviewed by G. B. Tennyson, University of California, Los Angeles)

Keats and His Poetry: A Study in Development (Morris Dickstein) (Reviewed by Walter H. Evert, University of Pittsburgh)

The Situation of the Novel (Bernard Bergonzi) (Reviewed by Peter Wolfe, University of Missouri--St. Louis)

After Great Pain: The Inner Life of Emily Dickinson (John Cody) (Reviewed by Stephen A. Black, Simon Fraser University)

Allen Tate: A Literary Biography (Radcliffe Squires) (Reviewed by Ashley Brown, The University of South Carolina)

The Wild Prayer of Longing: Poetry and the Sacred (Nathan A. Scott, Jr.) (Reviewed by Daniel J. Cahill, University of Northern Iowa)