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Book Review


Literature as System: Essays Toward the Theory of Literary History (Claudio Guillén) (Reviewed by Earl Miner, University of California, Los Angeles)

Victorian Novelists and Their Illustrators (John R. Harvey) (Reviewed by Michael Steig, Simon Fraser University)

Literature and Responsibility: The French Novelist in the Twentieth Century (Rima Drell Reck) (Reviewed by Walter A. Strauss, Case Western Reserve University)

Poetry in East Germany: Adjustments, Visions, and Provocations, 1945-1970 (John Flores) (Reviewed by Jerry Glenn, The University of Cincinnati)

The Heirs of Donne and Jonson (Joseph H. Summers) (Reviewed by Alexander Sackton, University of Texas at Austin)

The Art of Thomas Middleton: A Critical Study (David M. Holmes) (Reviewed by Leonard Tennenhouse, Wayne State University)

Blake's Illustrations to the Poems of Gray (Irene Tayler) (Reviewed by Morton D. Paley, University of California, Berkeley)