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Book Review


Anthony Powell: A Quintet, Sextet and War (John Russell) (Reviewed by Robert K. Morris, The City College of the City of New York)

Dionysus and the City: Modernism in Twentieth-Century Poetry (Monroe K. Spears) (Reviewed by Glauco Cambon, University of Connecticut)

Speaking of Chaucer (E. Talbot Donaldson) (Reviewed by John A. Yunck, Michigan State University)

America's Heroes: The Changing Models of Success in American Magazines (Theodore P. Greene) (Reviewed by Milton R. Stern, University of Connecticut)

Three Novels by Flaubert: A Study of Techniques (R. J. Sherrington) (Reviewed by Fernande Bassan, Wayne State University)

The Created Self: The Reader's Role in Eighteenth Century Fiction (Jolm Preston) (Reviewed by John J. Richetti, Rutgers University)