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Book Review


My Ecchoil1g Song: Andrew Marvell's Poetry of Criticism (Rosalie L. Colic) (Reviewed by Michael McCanles, Marquette University)

Rabelais: A Study in Comic Courage (Thomas M. Greene) (Reviewed by Gerard J. Brault, The Pennsylvania State University)

Psychoanalysis and Literary Process (Frederick Crews) (Reviewed by Leonard F. Manheim, University of Hartford)

The Expanded Voice: The Art of Thomas Traberne (Stanley Stewart) (Reviewed by George R. Guffey, University of California, Los Angeles)

Harold Pinter: The Poetics of Silence (James R. Hollis) (Reviewed by James M. Ware, California State Polytechnic College, Pomona)

Modern American Poetry: Essays in Criticism (Jerome Mazzara) (Reviewed by Merle E. Brown, The University of Iowa)