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Book Review


The Imagery of John Donne's Sermons (Winfried Schleiner) (Reviewed by Michael McCanles, Marquette University)

Art and Pornography (Morse Peckham) (Reviewed by Jan B. Gordon, State University of New York at Buffalo)

Coleridge and the Pantheist Tradition (Thomas McFarland) (Reviewed by J. Robert Barth, S.J., Harvard University)

Thomas Hardy: Distance and Desire (J. Hillis Miller) (Reviewed by Bert G. Hornback, University of Michigan)

The Barb of Time: On the Unity of Ezra Pound's Cantos (Daniel D. Pearlman) (Reviewed by A. K. Weatherhead, University of Oregon)

Ezra Pound: The Image and the Real (Herbert N. Schneidau) (Reviewed by A. K. Weatherhead, University of Oregon)

Form and Frenzy in Swift's Tale of a Tub (John R. Clark) (Reviewed by Peter Thorpe, University of Colorado, Denver)

The Birth of Modern Comedy in Renaissance Italy (Douglas Radcliff-Umstead) (Reviewed by James E. Robinson, University of Notre Dame)

D. H. Lawrence and the New World (David Cavitch) (Reviewed by George J. Zytaruk, Nipissing College, Ontario, Canada)