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Book Review


Music in English Renaissance Drama (John H. Long) (Reviewed by John P. Cutts, Wayne State University)

The Classic Chinese Novel: A Critical Introduction (C. T. Hsia) (Reviewed by H. C. Chuang, University of California, Berkeley)

Tbe Eloquent "I": Style and Self in Seventeentb-Century Prose (Joan Webber) (Reviewed by Leonard Nathanson, Vanderbilt University)

Carlyle and the Idea of the Modern: Studies in Carlyle's Prophetic Literature And Its Relation to Blake, Nietzsche, Marx, and Others (Albert J. LaValley) (Reviewed by G. B. Tennyson, University of California, Los Angeles)

Joyce Cary: The Developing Style (Jack Wolkenfeld) (Reviewed by Charles G. Hoffmann, University of Rhode Island)