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Book Review


Mark Twain as Critic (Sydney J. Krause) (Reviewed by William C. Spengemann, Claremont Graduate School)

Pater's Portraits: Mythic Patterns in the Fiction of Walter Patterns (Gerald C. Monsman) (Reviewed by Jan B. Gordon, State University of New York at Buffalo)

Transcendentalism and Its Legacy (Myron Simon and Thornton H. Parsons) (Reviewed by Alexander C. Kern, University of Iowa)

Restoration Tragedy: Form and the Process of Change (Eric Rothstein) (Reviewed by Michael Porte, University of Cincinnati)

Kindred Spirits: Knickerbocker Writers and American Artists, 1807-18SS (James T. Callow) (Reviewed by Clive Bush, University of Warwick, Conventry, England)

The Strategy of Truth, A Study of Sir Thomas Browne (Leonard Nathanson) (Reviewed by Katherine Koller, University of Rochester)

French Novelists of Today (Henri Peyre) (Reviewed by J. L. Salvan, University of Arizona)


In the Spring, 1968, issue of Criticism, Professor Michael Porte reviewed Eric Rothstein's Restoration Tragedy: Form and the Process of Change (Madison: The University of Wisconsin Press, 1967). Professor Porte received a copy of Restoration Tragedy in which pages 158 and 159 contained typographical flaws, and he mentioned this fact in his review, The University of Wisconsin Press reports that this error was discovered, all flawed copies were withheld fromdistribution, and only corrected copies have been circulated.
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