Coal Creek (Alex Miller) (Reviewed by Hans Burger, Olympia, Washington)

Questions of Travel (Michelle de Kretser) (Reviewed by Jody Marie Hassel, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

The Luminaries (Eleanor Catton) (Reviewed by John Scheckter, Long Island University)

Barracuda (Christos Tsiolkas) (Reviewed by Lyn McCredden, Deakin University)

Barracuda (Christos Tsiolkas) (Reviewed by Ben Kostival, Saco, Maine)

Dark Roots (Cate Kennedy) (Reviewed by Katy Crane, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

We Are Not the Same Anymore: Stories (Chris Somerville) (Reviewed by Mollie Murray, Savannah, Georgia)

Earth Hour (David Malouf) (Reviewed by Niki Tulk, The New School)

New and Selected Poems (Chris Wallace-Crabbe) (Reviewed by Christopher Moran, University of Alaska Fairbanks)