Submission Guidelines

Antipodes, the official journal of the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies, is published twice per year in June and December.

Information for Submitting Critical Essays and Interviews to Antipodes:

All critical essays should be submitted through the website. Inquiries may be sent via email to Antipodes Editor Brenda Machosky at antipode@hawaii.edu. Essays should be a minimum of 4,500 words and not exceed 7,000 words, must not be previously published, nor should they be submitted for publication elsewhere while being reviewed by the Antipodes editorial board or outside readers. With the exception of special issues, articles are not accepted for any specific issue; depending on circumstances, they will most likely appear within a year of acceptance. Essays must also conform to MLA (9th Edition) style.

Any images or copyright material to appear in an essay must be obtained by the author before the article is submitted to Antipodes. The editors will take no responsibility for such material. In addition, any permissions required by changes in text or presentation, or added images requested by the editors, must be obtained by the author.

Information for Contributing Creative Works to Antipodes:

  • Please submit your creative prose work (fiction or creative nonfiction) or poetry through this portal: bear in mind that the primary focus of this site is scholarly articles, so ignore any fields in the submission process that do not make sense for a creative work (abstract, key words, etc.). Do attach your work as a Word document or RTF file only.
  • Under Document Type, select the appropriate category for your submission (Poetry, Fiction and Creative Nonfiction, etc.).
  • If you have not submitted through this portal before, you will need to create an account.
  • Inquiries related to poetry manuscripts should be sent to the Antipodes Poetry Editor, Paul Kane at kane@vassar.edu.
  • Inquiries related to fiction and creative nonfiction manuscripts can be sent to storypod@hawaii.edu.

While critical essays are welcomed from all authors, creative works should be submitted by Australian and New Zealand writers only. Creative works submitted to Antipodes must not be previously published nor should they be under consideration elsewhere while being reviewed by the journal’s editorial board.

Information on Submitting a Book Review to Antipodes:

Publishers or authors wishing to have their books reviewed by Antipodes or scholars wishing to review a book in the journal should contact Reviews Editor, Richard Carr, via email at rscarr@alaska.edu, or via mail at Richard Carr, Department of English, University of Alaska–Fairbanks, 850 Gruening, PO Box 755720, Fairbanks, AK 99775.

General Information re submissions to Antipodes:

Antipodes publishes only fiction, poetry, articles, and interviews that have not appeared in other publications: Antipodes therefore does NOT accept simultaneous submissions. Though based in North America, we are widely read and distributed electronically in Australia and New Zealand, and the same audience who read magazines published in Australia and New Zealand will read this magazine. The globalization of publishing means that it is impossible for us to publish a story that appears in any other magazine anywhere in the world. All material is subject to editing to conform with Antipodes style. All U.S. hard copy submissions should be accompanied by a stamped return envelope. All correspondence with the Editors must be by e-mail or snail-mail. Due to international telephone costs, faxing or telephoning are impossible for the editors of Antipodes. International postage coupons are requested in order to return overseas mail. The editors and publishers of Antipodes assume no responsibility for contributors' opinions.