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Book Reviews


When Colts Ran (Roger McDonald) (Reviewed by Paul Plisiewicz, University of South Carolina)

Spirit of Progress (Steven Carroll) (Reviewed by Nathanael O’Reilly, Texas Christian University)

Below the Styx (Michael Meehan) (Reviewed by Ryan Henderson, Central Texas College)

Other Stories (Wayne Macauley) (Reviewed by Brian Keenan, Lewiston, ID)

Loose: A Wild History (Ouyang Yu) (Reviewed by Joan E. Thompson, Normandale Community College)

The Magic of It (Michael Wilding) (Reviewed by Tom Moran, Fairbanks, Alaska)

Jam Tree Gully: Poems (John Kinsella) (Reviewed by Airica Parker, Metro State College)

Southern Barbarians (John Mateer) (Reviewed by Iver Arnegard, Colorado State University-Pueblo)

Collected Poems (Francis Webb) (Reviewed by Michael Griffith, Australian Catholic University)