Barley Patch (Gerald Murnane) (Reviewed by Amanda Bales, West Texas A&M University)

Ransom (David Malouf) (Reviewed by Nicholas Dunlop, University of Birmingham, UK)

Everything I Knew (Peter Goldsworthy) (Reviewed by Mark Klemens, SUNY Brockport)

The Spare Room (Helen Garner) (Reviewed by Richard Carr, University of Alaska Fairbanks)

Seven Mile Beach (Tom Gilling) (Reviewed by Sarah Doetschman, Fairbanks, Alaska)

Spiel (David Sornig) (Reviewed by Steven R. Luebke, University of Wisconsin-River Falls)

Slow Burn (George Alexander) (Reviewed by Justus Humphrey, Harrisburg Area Community College)

Revolving Days (David Malouf) (Reviewed by Anthony Lynch, Deakin University)

Split Lives (Val Colic-Peisker) (Reviewed by Daniel Vuillermin, The Australian National University)