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Book Reviews


Dark Palace (Frank Moorhouse) (Reviewed by John Scheckter, Long Island University)

The Day We Had Hitler Home (Rodney Hall) (Reviewed by Sigrun Meinig, University of Mannheim, Germany)

Home and Away: Australian Stories of Belonging and Alienation (Bruce Bennett and Susan Hayes, eds.) (Reviewed by Richard Carr, University of Alaska-Fairbanks)

Roundabout at Bangalow: An Intimate Chronicle (Shirley Walker) (Reviewed by Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah)

The Gauche Intruder: Freud, Lacan, and the White Australian Fantasy (Jennifer Rutherford) (Reviewed by Marty Wechselblatt, University of Cincinnati)

Dear B. (Jennifer Harrison) (Reviewed by Tom Bishop, Case Western Reserve University)

I'll Just Tell You This (Gerard Windsor) (Reviewed by Sarah Nuttall, South Africa)

Those Who Remain Will Always Remember: An Anthology of Aboriginal Writing (Anne Brewster, Angeline O'Neill, and Rosemary van den Berg, eds.) (Reviewed by Cheli Reutter, University of California, Riverside)

The Oxford Companion to Aboriginal Art and Culture (Sylvia Kleinert and Margo Neale, eds.) (Reviewed by Julia Stephens May, University of Virginia)

Through Silent Country (Carolyn Wadley Dowley) (Reviewed by Marilyn Strelau, Simsbury High School)

The Colonial Earth (Tim Bonyhady) (Reviewed by Robert Zeller, Southeast Missouri State University)

Ghost Nation: Imagined Space and Australian Visual Culture, 1901-1939 (Laurie Duggan) (Reviewed by Roberta Buffi, Madrid)

The Australian Legend and Its Discontents (Richard Nile, ed.) (Reviewed by Marty Wechselblatt, University of Cincinnati)

Governing Change: Keating to Howard (Carol Johnson) and The Rise and Fall of One Nation (Michael Leach, Geoffrey Stokes, and Ian Ward, eds.) (Reviewed by Katherine Smits, Miami University)

Alien Justice: Wartime Internment in Australia and North America (Kay Saunders and Roger Daniels, eds.) (Reviewed by Charles W. Amade, University of South Florida)