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Book Reviews


The Chelsea Manifesto (Bruce Russell) (Reviewed by Jo Salas, New Paltz, New York) Isobel on the Way to the Corner Shop (Amy Wittig) (Reviewed by Janet M. Brown, Melbourne, Australia) Cleave (Nikki Gemmell) (Reviewed by Darren DeFrain, Western Michigan University) Land of the Golden Clouds (Archie Weller) and The Alchemist's Key (Traci Harding) (Reviewed by Richard R. Horton, Webster Groves, Missouri) Prowler (Marion Campbell) (Reviewed by Bruce Russell, New York City) The Sound of One Hand Clapping (Richard Flanegan) (Reviewed by Clellie Lynch, New York City) Untold Tales (David Malouf) (Reviewed by Robert Ross, Dallas, Texas) Collected Poems Volume I: 1961-1981, Volume II: 1984-1999 (Peter Porter) (Reviewed by Christopher Pollnitz, University of Newcastle, New South Wales) The Vigilant Heart (Catherine Bateson) and Facing the Pacific (Michael Sariban) (Reviewed by Renee Bandazian, Sarah Lawrence College) Mabo: Life of an Island Man (The Screenplay) (Trevor Graham) (Reviewed by Marilyn Strelau, Simsbury School, Connecticut) Dingoes Den (B. Wongar) (Reviewed by Nancy Potter, University of Rhode Island) Michael Dransfield's Lives: A Sixties Biography (Patricia Dobrez) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New School for Social Research) Eleanor Dark: A Writer's Life (Barbara Brooks and Judith Clark) (Reviewed by Olga Asal Connolly, Florida Department of Education) The Stranger from Melbourne: Frank Hardy: A Literary Biography (Paul Adams) (Reviewed by Frank Parigi, Berkeley, California) the space between: Australian Women Writing Fictocriticism (Heather Kerr and Amanda Nettlebeck, Editors) (Reviewed by Donna Coates, University of Calgary) Anxious Nation, Australia and the Rise of Asia 1850-1939 (David Walker) (Reviewed by Mark Klemens, Shaker Heights, Ohio) The Great Shame and the Triumph of the Irish in The English-Speaking World (Thomas Keneally) (Reviewed by Emily Cargan, University of Calgary) Menzies and the 'Great World Struggle': Australia's Cold War, 1948-1954 (David Lowe) (Reviewed by Charles W. Amade, University of South Florida)