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Book Reviews


Shiver (Nikki Gemmell) (Reviewed by Darren Defrain, Western Michigan University)

Wrack (James Bradley) (Reviewed by David Callahan, University of Aveiro)

Snake (Kate Jennings) (Reviewed by Mary-Robyn Adams, University of North Carolina at Greensboro)

Welcome to Tangier (Morris Lurie) (Reviewed by Tim Bowers, Australian Defence Force Academy)

Bracelet Honeymyrtle (Judith Fox) (Reviewed by Cleo Lloyd da Silva, Los Angeles)

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence (Doris Pilkington and Nugi Garimara) (Reviewed by Tonya Bolden, New York)

Australian Gay and Lesbian Plays (Bruce Parr, ed.) (Reviewed by Rosemary Keefe, Southwest Missouri State University)

The Language of Oysters (Robert Adamson and Juno Gemes) (Reviewed by Michael Wiley, DePaul University)

Eclipse (Bobbi Sykes) (Reviewed by Jennifer Kelly, University of Calgary)

Subhuman Redneck Poems (Les Murray) (Reviewed by Bert Almon, University of Alberta)

Contemporary Painting in New Zealand (Michael Dunn) (Reviewed by Charles C. Eldredge, University of Kansas)

Peter Carey (Graham Huggan) (Reviewed by Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah)

Henry Handel Richardson (Michael Ackland) (Reviewed by Marian Arkin, City University of New York, LaGuardia)

Writing in Hope and Fear: Literature on Politics in Postwar Australia (John McLaren) (Reviewed by Robert Zeller, Southeast Missouri State University)

David Williamson: A Writer's Career (Brian Kiernan) (Reviewed by Norbert Schaffeld, University of Leipzig)

"And the Birds Began to Sing": Religion and Literature in Post-Colonial Culture (Jamie S. Scott, ed.) (Reviewed by Marion Spies, Wuppertal University)

Arthur's Dream: The Religious Imagination in the Fiction of Patrick White (Michael Giffin) (Reviewed by Graeme Sharrock, University of Chicago)

Kenneth Slessor (Adrian Caesar) (Reviewed by Herbert C. Jaffa, New York University)

Aboriginal Spirituality: Past, Present, Future and Martung Upah: Black and White Australians Seeking Partnership (Anne Pattel-Gray, ed.) (Reviewed by Marilyn Strelau, Simsbury High School)

Desert Places (Robyn Davidson) (Reviewed by Bansari Mitra, State University of New York at Buffalo)

Off the Deep End: Travels in Forgotten Frontiers (Tony Perrottet) (Reviewed by Philip O'Neill, Santa Clara University)

The Year the Dragon Came (Sang Ye, ed.) (Reviewed by Lyn Jacobs, Flinders University)

Artful Histories: Modern Australian Autobiography (David McCooey) and The Tornis Complex: Exile and Eros in Australian Literature (Irina Grigorescu Pana) (Reviewed by Philip O'Neill, Santa Clara University)

The Fiftieth Gate: A Journey Through Memory (Mark Raphael Baker) (Reviewed by Barbara Shollar, New School for Social Research)