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Book Reviews


The Tempest of Clemenza (Glenda Adams) (Reviewed by Lisa Altomari, Vermont Technical College) Leaning towards Infinity (Sue Woolfe) (Reviewed by Jane Emery, Stanford University) The Cross (Mandy Sayer) (Reviewed by Michael E. Pippenger, Indiana University) Billy Sunday (Rod Jones) (Reviewed by David Callahan, University of Aveiro, Portugal) 1988 (Andrew McGahan) (Reviewed by Darren DeFrain, Western Michigan University) Loaded (Christos Tsiolkas) (Reviewed by Dmetri Kakmi, Williamstown, Victoria) Night Surfing (Fiona Capp) (Reviewed by Mary-Robyn Adams, University of North Carolina at Greensboro Cassandra (Kerry Greenwood) (Reviewed by Gina Luria Walker, New School for Social Research) Wish (Peter Goldsworthy) (Reviewed by Frank Parigi, University of Arkansas) A Change in the Lighting (Amy Witting) (Reviewed by Joan Slagle, Philadelphia) Bulmurn: A Swan River Nyoongar (Richard Wilkes)(Reviewed by Richard Carr, University of Alaska, Fairbanks) Birds Beasts Flowers (William Hart-Smith) (Reviewed by Lyn Jacobs, Flinders University of South Australia) The City of Home (Thomas Shapcott) (Reviewed by Herbert C. Jaffa, New York University) Eating the Sun (Lawrence Bourke) and The Cave after Saltwater Tide (David P. Welter) (Reviewed by D'Arcy Randall, University of Texas at Austin) Things Happen (Philip Hodgins) and The Honeymoon Snaps (John Foulcher) (Reviewed by Mike Wiley, DePaul University) Australian Poetry: Romanticism and Negativity (Paul Kane) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New School for Social Research) Patrick White (Simon During) (Reviewed by Carolyn Bliss, University of Utah) Australia's Changing Landscapes (Susan Ballyn, Doireann MacDermott, Kathleen Firth, editors) (Reviewed by Horst Priessnitz, Wuppertal University - Germany) and that's final. (Dean Kiley) (Reviewed by Felicity Plunkett, University of Tasmania) Concert of Voices - An Anthology of World Writing in English (Victor J. Ramraj, Editor) and Ethnic Literature and Culture in the U.S.A., Canada and Australia (Igor Maver, Editor) (Reviewed by Robert Ross, University of Texas at Austin) M. Barnard Eldershaw (Maryanne Dever, Editor) (Reviewed by Marian Arkin, City University of New York, LaGuardia) Dear Sun: The Letters of Joy Hester and Sunday Reed (Janine Burke, Editor) (Reviewed by Catherine Miner, Boston) A Federal Republic: Australia's Constitutional System of Government (Brian Galligan) (Reviewed by Robert Cushing, University of Texas at Austin) A Death in the Tiwi Islands: Conflict, Ritual and Social Life in an Australian Aboriginal Community (Eric Venbrux) (Reviewed by Marilyn Strelau, Simsbury High School, Connecticut) The Scent of Power: On the Trail of Women and Power in Australian Politics (Susan Mitchell) (Reviewed by Donna Coates, University of Calgary) Redemption Songs: A Life of Te Kooti Arikirangi Te Turuki (Judith Binney) (Reviewed by Juniper Ellis, Vanderbilt University) In Search of Steeple Rudd: Author of the Classic Dad & Dave Stories (Richard Fotheringham) (Reviewed by Murray S. Martin, Windsor Locks, Connecticut) An All Consuming Passion: Origins (William J. Lines) (Reviewed by Robert Zeller, Southeast Missouri State University) Rosa: A Biography of Rosa Townsend (Beryl Hackner) (Reviewed by Anne Pender, Australian Defence Force Academy)