The Hand that Signed the Paper (Helen Darville) (Reviewed by Pearl Bowman, New York)

The Sitters (Alex Miller) (Reviewed by Ray Willbanks, University of Memphis)

The White Garden (Carmel Bird) (Reviewed by Nicholas Birns, New School for Social Research)

She's Fantastical: The first anthology of Australian women's speculative fiction, magical realism and fantasy (Lucy Sussex and Judith Raphael Buckrich, eds.) (Reviewed by Catherine Miner, Boston)

The Orchard Thieves (Elizabeth Jolley) (Reviewed by Barbara Milech, Curtin University)

Eat Me (Linda Jaivin) (Reviewed by Nick Smart, College of New Rochelle)

BattleAxe: Book One of the Axis Trilogy (Sara Douglass) (Reviewed by Kelly Burkhouse, Jamestown, New York)

The Grass Sister (Gillian Mears) (Reviewed by Felicity Plunkett, University of Tasmania)

Emerald Blue (Gerald Murnane) (Reviewed by Jeff Richardson, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology)

Scream Black Murder (Philip McLaren) (Reviewed by Jane Paznik-Bondarin, Manhattan Community College)

Camille's Bread (Amanda Lohrey) (Reviewed by Jane Emery, Stanford University)

Millennial Fables (Peter Porter) (Reviewed by Paul Kane, Vassar College)

All Souls (Daniel Keene), Good Works (Nick Enright), The Family (Jill Shearer) and Composing Venus (Elaine Acworth) (Reviewed by Alexandra Cromwell, New York)

Dead White Males (David Williamson) (Reviewed by Dennis Carroll, University of Hawaii)

EcCentric Visions: ReConstructing Australia (Gaile McGregor) and Territorial Disputes: Maps and Mapping Strategies in Contemporary Canadian and Australian Fiction (Graham Huggan) (Reviewed by Philip O'Neill, Penn State University)

Prophet from the Desert: Critical Essays on Patrick White (John McLaren, ed.) (Reviewed by Graeme Sharrock, University of Chicago)

Australian Contemporary Drama (Dennis Carroll) (Reviewed by Brian Kiernan, University of Sydney)

Nuanua: Pacific Writing in English Since 1980 (Albert Wendt, ed.) My Cow Comes to Haunt Me: European Explorers, Travellers, and Novelists Constructing Textual Selves and Imagining the Unthinkable in Lands and Islands Beyond the Sea, from Christopher Columbus to Alexander von Humboldt (Norman Simms) (Reviewed by Juniper Ellis, Vanderbilt University)

Edge of the Sacred: Transformation in Australia (David J. Tacey) (Reviewed by John Boe, University of California at Davis)

(AUTHOR) (Reviewed by AUTHOR)

Chinese Whispers: Cultural Essays (Nicholas Jose) and The Five Foot Road: In Search of a Vanished China (Angus McDonald) (Reviewed by Fiona Giles, New York)

Jandamarra and the Bunuba Resistance (Howard Pedersen, with Banjo Woorunmurra) (Reviewed by AUTHOR)

Us Mob. History, Culture, Struggle: An Introduction to Indigenous Australia (Mudrooroo) (Reviewed by Susanna Braun-Bau, Bonn, Germany)

One Land, One Nation: Mabo-Towards 2001 (Frank Brennan) (Reviewed by Murray S. Martin, Windsor Locks, Connecticut)

Aphrodite and the Others (Gillian Bouras) (Reviewed by Wendy Goulston, Empire State College)

A Migrant's Story: The Struggle of an Italian-Australian, 1920s-1960s (Osvaldo Bonutto) (Reviewed by Darren DeFrain, Western Michigan University)

No Casual Traveller: Hartley Grattan and Australia-U.S. Connections (Laurie Hergenhan) (Reviewed by Herbert Jaffa, New York University)