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Jennifer Mendez

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Wayne State University School of Medicine

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Research Abstract

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Background: The Diabetes Education and Wellness (DEW) clinic is an interprofessional, student-run free clinic that promotes education and autonomy in diabetes management for underserved communities. When pandemic restrictions prevented in-person clinic visits, DEW opted instead to meet their patients virtually. DEW coordinators from the school of medicine designed a primer course to teach skills and medical knowledge that directly impacts diabetes management to ensure continued care of our patients.

Methods: The two components of the intervention were mock interviews and diabetes education. Medical students who previously volunteered at DEW were recruited to provide mock interviews. First year medical students were paired up with these experienced volunteers who would then conduct, observe, and provide feedback on the mock interviews. Mock interviews were followed by an educational component that addressed interprofessional knowledge relevant to diabetes management. All consenting participants completed a pre- and post-survey to assess improvement of preliminary knowledge in diabetes and subsequent patient care.

Results: A total of 54 students took the pre-survey, while 35 students participated in mock interviews and took the post-survey. Students showed improvement in answering 11 out of 12 competencies when comparing the pre- and post-survey results. Students also reported improved confidence in motivational interviewing and taking a diabetic history.

Conclusion: Medical students who participated in mock interviews expressed greater preparedness in completing a comprehensive diabetic-specific history and understood the importance of interdisciplinary teamwork. Introductory primer courses with mock interviews are a great tool to prepare first year medical students for working in student run clinics.


Interprofessional Education | Medical Education | Medicine and Health Sciences