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The authors analyze the issues that the Michigan Molecular Institute Library (MMI) will face in making the transition to digital serials. Supporting a specialized research institute, the library has a limited number of serial subscriptions (68) from a large number of publishers (42). Furthermore, its specialized nature limits the number of potential consortia partners. Strengths include a user community of skilled researchers in a well-defined research area. In making the transition, MMI will encounter both similar and different issues than those found in larger academic and research libraries. Topics covered include current access, planning, licensing, archival concerns, interlibrary loan, interoperability, and emerging trends. The authors recommend that the MMI librarian periodically evaluate the collection strategy in keeping with changing trends.


Library and Information Science


This is the author's post print originally appearing in Serials Review. Vol. 30, No. 2, 2004, pp. 101-109.