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Open Access Thesis

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January 2017

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Mechanical Engineering

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Xin Wu


With the progress of the society, people`s living standard is increasing. More and more cars (more than 72 million) are produced and utilized all over the world. This makes a large number of quarter windows which located on the back-side window of a vehicle are urgently needed. Encapsulated glass is widely adopted for a quarter window for various advantages. Positioning by centering table is one of the most important procedures during the fabrication of encapsulated glass for the quarter window. The existing centering table has a lot of disadvantages such as poor flexibility and precision, which results in failure in production such as damage or low quality. Developing a centering system for positioning encapsulated glass with high efficiency and precision becomes very significant for the industry. In this thesis, I designed a new centering table that used a new column base structure and pins for tightness. This new centering table has a high precision while still maintain the flexibility of the table that makes the centering table can be applied to encapsulated automotive glass with other sizes and shapes.

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