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It has been well accepted that women demonstrate a significantly higher prev-alence for mood disorders than their male counterparts. This study included the administration of the Symptom-Checklist 90-Revised (SCL-90-R) over the course of a one-month period to a sample (n = 243) of females (66%) and males (34%) receiving treatment from an outpatient community mental health clinic. Descriptive statistics, a MANOVA, and subsequent ANOVAs revealed that women scored higher on every sub-scale of the SCL-90-R, except the psychoticism sub-scale, however, only the difference on the somatization sub-scale was statistically significant. Implications of these results for mental health providers are explored.

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Grande, T. L., Newmeyer, M. D., & Adair, E. S. (2013). Symptom Differences by Gender for Outpatient Clients as Measured by the SCL-90-R, Michigan Journal of Counseling, 40(1), 4-13. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1370044860





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