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A parallel team model of teaching consultation is presented. The model highlights experiential group counseling theory, techniques, and Yalom’s (1995) identified group therapeutic factors. The goal was to increase the students’ awareness and knowledge of consultation skills and teamwork in order to model and teach the same skills. The parallel interaction between the consultant and consultee teams is illustrated during the consultation stages of entry, problem/strength identification (diagnosis), intervention, and evaluation. The learning experience stimulated ideas for teaching consultation and the parallel team process.

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Coven, A. B., Araujo, J., Van Hull, K. G., Tavokoli-Moayed, S., Collins, A., Enwiya, J., & Boyes, K. (2007). Teaching a Doctoral Course in Consultation: The Parallel Team Process, Dimensions of Counseling, 34(1), 14-20. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1177977780





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