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Counselors are continually challenged to become more knowledgeable and skilled in assisting persons with disabilities. This article describes group work with persons with Traumatic Brain Injury. Active group interventions were utilized to modify cognitive, affective, and behavioral deficits that affect independent living, vocational adjustment, and interpersonal relationships. The knowledge, skills, and training needed by group counselors in order to use active interventions are identified. The active interventions are discussed in the context of group developmental stages, and key therapeutic factors are illuminated. The experience demonstrated that active group interventions may have potential for persons whose mobility and movement in life have been blocked.

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Coven, A. B., Van Hull, K. G., Yaklitch, S., Ali, K., & Enwiya, J. (2005). The Use of Active Group Interventions with Persons with Traumatic Brain Injury, Dimensions of Counseling, 33(1), 1-9. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1122854460





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