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This article discusses the expanding role of the professional counselor as expert witness. The preferred role of the expert witness is one in which the expert informatively presents the facts and does not act as an advocate trying to influence a legal decision. The expert witness in Michigan now has to consider changes in the Michigan Rules of Evidence which disallows any hearsay evidence the counselor may have acquired during counseling. Additionally, supporting documentation for opinions may not simply be cited, but must be placed into evidence. This article concludes with suggestions for counselors in preparing for the role as expert witness in the courts.

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Pietrofesa, J. J., Pietrofesa, C. J., & Pietrofesa, J. D. (2003). The Counselor As Expert Witness: Changes in the Michigan Hearsay Rule, Dimensions of Counseling, 31(2), 13-16. doi:10.22237/mijoc/1064966520





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