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Ambiguous Bodies: Reading the Grotesque in Japanese Setsuwa Tales. By Michelle Osterfield Li.
Review by Thomas E. McAuley.

Pandemonium and Parade: Japanese Monsters and the Culture of Yōkai. By Michael Dylan Foster.
Review by Michael Wilson.

The Demon at Agi Bridge and Other Japanese Tales. Translated by Burton Watson; edited by Shirane Haruo.
Review by Fumihiko Kobayashi.

Miracles of Book and Body: Buddhist Textual Culture and Medieval Japan. By Charlotte Eubanks.
Review by Janet R. Goodwin.

The Fairy Tale and Anime: Traditional Themes, Images, and Symbols at Play on Screen. By Dani Cavallaro.
Review by Okuyama Yoshiko.

Anime and Its Roots in Early Japanese Monster Art. By Zilia Papp.
Review by Deborah Shamoon.

Shōjo to akuma to fūshagoya (The Girl Without Hands) and Honmono no fianse (The True Bride). Written by Oliver Py and directed by Miyagi Satoshi.
Review by Murai Mayako.