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Little in the field of fairy-tale studies is totally new. One genuinely innovative event, however, was without question Jacques Barchilon’s founding of Merveilles et contes in 1987. To be sure, Barchilon had been inspired by Fabula: Zeitschrift für Erzählforschung/Journal of Folktale Studies/Revue d’études sur le conte populaire, which had first appeared thirty years earlier. But Jacques Barchilon’s new journal— which was titled Merveilles & contes/Marvels & Tales/Wunder & Märchen/Maravilla & cuentos/Meraviglie & racconti and challenged many a cataloger and bibliographer—reflected not only the vivid personality and creativity of its founder but also the exploding field of fairy-tale studies itself, which was simultaneously thriving and struggling to define its scope and place. The journal quickly struck out in its own direction and, fueled by Barchilon’s editorial vision, began publishing not only conventional scholarly articles and reviews but also primary texts, stories, and illustrations. From the first, every issue was a surprise. By the second volume, published in 1988, the editorial board of this “homemade” journal—issued from the University of Colorado, Boulder, and reproduced by Kinko’s—included not only distinguished scholars but also the extraordinary writer Angela Carter. What a coup for Merveilles & contes to have won the attention and cooperation of Carter, and what a perfect illustration of its special nature! As the journal’s reputation and multidisciplinary following grew, Barchilon’s vision of creating a journal “to promote the scholarly study of folk and fairy tales in a broad interdisciplinary spirit” was fulfilled (Merveilles & contes 1.1 [1987]: 1). There is every reason to think that Marvels & Tales will continue to live and to thrive happily ever after.