Ludwig Tieck: Die sieben Weiber des Blaubart. Eine wahre Familiengeschichte. Mit einem Nachwort von Frank Witzel und Messerschnitten von Marco P. Schaefer.
Review by Luisa Rubini Messerli.

Index of Catalan Folktales. By Carme Oriol and Josep M. Pujol.
Review by Adam Zolkover.

Bibliothèque des Génies et des Fées 8. II. La veine orientale (1704–1789). 1. Les orientalistes. François Pétis de la Croix.
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Review by Charlotte Trinquet.

Die Brüder Grimm: Eine Biographie. By Steffen Martus.
Review by Ann Schmiesing.

Enchanted Ideologies: A Collection of Rediscovered Nineteenth-Century Moral Fairy Tales. Edited and with Annotations and an Introductory Essay by Marilyn Pemberton.
Review by Jack Zipes.

Fairy Tales Reimagined: Essays on New Retellings. Edited by Susan Redington Bobby. Foreword by Kate Bernheimer.
Review by Merja Makinen.

Fairy Tales: A New History. By Ruth B. Bottigheimer.
Review by Shuli Barzilai.

De la merveille à l’inquiétude: Le registre du fantastique dans la fiction narrative au XVIIIe siècle. By Emmanuelle Sempère.
Review by Anne E. Duggan.

The Fox’s Window and Other Stories. Translated by Toshiya Kamei.
Review by Luciana Cardi.

The Year of the Fish. Written and directed by David Kaplan.
Review by Aiko Yamashiro.

Alice in Wonderland. Director Tim Burton. Screenplay by Linda Woolverton.
Review by Jan Susina.

Rank Devil Mountain: Three Smokin’ Folk Tales. Recorded by Barry Shannon. Performed by Jeff Gere.
The Two Brothers: A Rockin’ Musical Story Tellin’. Don Lopez, creative engineer. Performed by Jeff Gere.
Review by Theresa Osborne.