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Politique du conte. Special Issue of Féeries: Études sur le conte merveilleux XVIIe–XIXe siècle.
Review by Jack Zipes.

Logica della fiaba: Fate, orchi, gioco, corte, fortuna, viaggio, capriccio, metamorfosi, corpo. By Michele Rak.
Review by Nancy Canepa.

Good Girls and Wicked Witches: Women in Disney’s Feature Animation. By Amy M. Davis.
Review by Jack Zipes.

Bodies: Sex, Violence, Disease, and Death in Contemporary Legend. By Gillian Bennett.
Review by Laura E. Lyons.

Why Fairy Tales Stick: The Evolution and Relevance of a Genre. By Jack Zipes.
Review by Maggi Michel.

Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales. By Isabel Cardigos with the collaboration of Paulo Correia and J. J. Dias Marques.
Review by Christine Goldberg.

Stepmother. By Robert Coover.
Review by Cristina Bacchilega.

Fiabe sgarrupate. By Marcello D’Orta.
Review by Nadia Inserra.

The Little Mermaid. By Mike Kenny. Dir. Eric Johnson.
Review by Christy Williams.